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At the Post Office, Semua Pun Boleh

You can now pay your bills, get the best protection plans,
and more with Pos Malaysia.

This is the main information platform for all services available at Pos Malaysia

Changing Your Perception of Our Services at Pos Malaysia

Semua Pun Boleh di Pejabat Pos is our starting point to help you gain more awareness of the services available at Pos Malaysia.

Our mission is to become the leading logistics provider in Malaysia by improving the quality of our services. This microsite is geared to become Pos Malaysia's platform for the latest information on our products and services.

We have improved our customer service at over 600+ post offices nationwide by offering specialised services for you to conveniently conduct your daily transactions.

Here are the products, services and available transactions at our specialised Pos Malaysia branches:

  1. Purchase personal and/or family insurance and takaful protection plans for vehicles, accidents, and general coverages.
  2. Pay various utility bills.
  3. Purchase unit trusts, will management, loan repayments, as well as create domestic and international money orders.
  4. Zakat payment services, waqaf donations, and purchase of muslim funeral kit.
  5. Postal and courier services, and more.

At the Post Office, Semua Pun Boleh!